Sell Your Business

Sell your business and ensure your future with a customized exit strategy.

Before selling your business, know what it is worth in today’s market. To get that answer we will evaluate your business with pertinent questions and analyze your business. We will review your financials and analyze your intangible assets, and present them in a way that unlocks hidden value.

We will forecast the future under a buyer’s ownership to position you to decide how to proceed. By the end of the process, you’ll have a clear understanding of what your business is worth, and a figure that helps you decide how to proceed with selling your company.

Whether it is the day you receive your business valuation or five years down the line, when you are ready to sell your business we’ll take your company to market. This starts with creating the kind of comprehensive documentation needed to attract optimal buyers and investors. Once it’s complete we’ll draw up a specific marketing plan for your business to connect you with the risk buyer on your terms.

When your business begins to attract offers, we will negotiate on your behalf or assist you in striking a deal that reflects your requirements and future needs. The experience and composure in the process of selling a business can prove priceless when you reach the negotiation table.

When you accept an offer, our work is only half finished. Deal structuring can be as crucial to your overall success of selling your business as any other part of the process. Having worked with you from the outset, we understand your personal and professional situation, and can work to structure a deal that achieves your current and future requirements.